shutterstock_268471178 (1)So your heart is set on hardwood floors, but have you considered engineered hardwood? Engineered hardwood is made of a combination of wood and plywood, and topped with a hardwood veneer – so unlike laminate, engineered hardwood is the real deal. Floor Coverings International of Naples is bringing you three reasons why you should choose engineered hardwood for your floors.

  •      Affordability: While solid hardwood flooring is made from a single piece of wood, engineered hardwood flooring uses many layers of various wood types. So instead of paying for a large amount of solid oak, you only have to pay for a veneer of oak on the top layer. Engineered hardwood flooring is an affordable flooring option that still gives you a real hardwood floor. One thing to note is that it cannot be refinished as many times as solid hardwood, but with proper care this shouldn’t be an issue. If you are looking for the elegant look of solid hardwood but can’t front the cost, engineered hardwood is an excellent option.
  •      Moisture resistant: Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is resistant to warping when exposed to moisture, making it a viable option in almost any room. If you have a downstairs space where you would normally be weary to place hardwood because of humidity, engineered hardwood is an excellent alternative, especially if you are looking to carry hardwood throughout all levels of the home.
  •      Eco-friendly: If the solid hardwood look is what you desire, but are worried about your eco-footprint, engineered hardwood can fit all of your needs. Because less actual wood is used in the floor planks as opposed to solid hardwood, the environmental impact is less as well. If this appeals to you, bamboo flooring is another option worth looking into. Bamboo has a similar look to hardwood and because of its rapid growth process, is more sustainable than solid hardwood. 

If you are interested in learning more about engineered hardwood flooring, contact the professionals at Floor Coverings International of Naples today! We proudly serve the Naples, Marco Island, and Bonita Springs area. Call today for a free, in-home consultation!


Photo: Jeannette Katzir